Manganui Bridge on the Taranaki Crossing under construction
Image: Jeff Neems | DOC


Two bridge masts now tower over the Manganui Gorge as a major feature of the Taranaki Crossing takes shape.

Date:  14 March 2024

The $13.4 million Taranaki Crossing project is being funded through the Provincial Growth Fund administered by MBIE’s Kānoa – Regional Economic Development & Investment Unit.  The project is a partnership between Kānoa, DOC and Ngā Iwi o Taranaki, funding upgrades to tracks and facilities on Taranaki Maunga – including construction of the Manganui Bridge.

Designed for a lifespan of 100 years, and to withstand the sub-alpine Manganui Gorge’s winds and weather conditions, the 109-metre bridge will sit 49.5 metres above the gorge floor.

The mast on the southern side of the bridge is 25 metres tall, while its north side counterpart is 6 metres high – the difference representing geography of the terrain and gorge it crosses.

DOC’s Hauraki-Waikato-Taranaki Regional Director Tinaka Mearns says project on the bridge build project is on track – despite the challenges of the environment and the relative complexity of the construction.

“We’re really pleased with progress,” she says. “As well as the two vital structural masts, the contractors have installed the first section of decking and some of the cables which keep the masts in place.

“Current work includes installing the main span cables between the two masts, planning for the approach to the south side of the bridge, and off-site steel fabrication.

“Our confirmation of the bridge design in December 2022 gave us an idea of how impressive it would be, and now we’re seeing it take shape it’s really exciting.”

Liana Poutu, co-chair of the Taranaki Crossing Project says it is a great milestone to see the structural progress of the Manganui bridge build.

“As the structural elements of the bridge are completed, the cultural design elements of the bridge will be brought to life under the guidance of our iwi creatives and informed by our iwi narratives.”

Kānoa Regional Principal Advisor Bridget Sullivan says the agency sees the bridge construction as an exciting next stage in this significant regional project.

“It will create economic benefits for the Taranaki region, and jobs for locals. This will be through the construction of the bridge, as well as the wider Taranaki Crossing project works.

“Kānoa are pleased that the integral involvement of iwi in the Taranaki Crossing project will deliver positive new experiences for Taranaki locals, as well as visitors on Taranaki Maunga. The Manganui gorge bridge will increase access, and the amount of people who can enjoy the mountain.”

More information

Taranaki Crossing seeks to develop a high-quality visitor experience on Taranaki Maunga in Egmont National Park. The Taranaki Crossing refers to the main track network enabling visitors to travel by foot from Dawson Falls along the slopes of the maunga, across the Ahukawakawa wetland and over the Pouakai Ranges to the end of Mangorei Road. The journey can be experienced as a series of day walks, or a multi-day tramp.

Additional funding has been contributed by local councils and DOC. The crossing project will see 25 km of tracks improved, creating a mix of short walks and longer tramps. It will also minimise the impact of visitors on the maunga environment.

When completed, the Taranaki Crossing will showcase a safer and world-class visitor experience that truly represents Taranaki Maunga and its people. The improvements will reduce the impact of people visiting the maunga as well as providing an enhanced visitor experience.

Manganui Gorge Bridge construction fact sheet (PDF, 233K)


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