Northland brown kiwi can travel widely. This story, published in the Purua School newsletter in July 2011, shows how far a Northland brown kiwi named 'Noodle' travelled to set up a territory.

Noodle hatched in Hodges bush on 1 November 2005. She was found in the nest with her Dad 'Rainbow' and sibling 'Roy'.

Noodle’s name came from the nickname of Nic Buchardt, a DOC trainee ranger who had gone out in the field with one of our kiwi rangers on the day Noodle was found.

Noodle gradually made her way over to Purua from Hodges bush, safely crossing the properties of the Lovells, Cootes, Alisons and McGraths and has now settled in the pines on the Ercegs property.

Noodle still has a transmitter on and, because she has been settled in the pines for a while now, we are sure she must have a mate and we hope to catch him with her one day soon.

Noodle’s favourite hiding places are pine slash, kikuyu and blackberry. Miriam Ritchie, the DOC kiwi ranger who tracks Noodle, says that she is a lovely, gentle bird.

Noodle’s journey is a great example of how kiwi often move quite a way (nearly 4 km as the crow flies) from their hatching site to find a place to set up a territory. Be ready, a kiwi could wander onto your property sometime soon!

Map showing the movements of Noodle the Northland brown kiwi.

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