This free online course introduces the key safety elements for passengers and ground crew working with and around helicopters. This understanding is vital for anyone working with helicopters at DOC.

What's the course about? 

There are four modules. One explaining the safety processes and common procedures for helicopter passengers and three additional modules for helicopter ground crew working with cargo and external loads. 

The Passenger safety course is a pre-requisite for the Ground crew courses. 

Each module takes between 30-60 minutes to complete. 

Important information

These online learning modules are to be completed alongside practical training with the relevant helicopter operator.

They do not provide any qualification nor indication of any specific level of competency or currency in work with helicopters. The courses do not replace any helicopter operator’s health and safety requirements.

Read this document before starting work in and around helicopters on a DOC-lead operation: DOC helicopter safety online course (PDF, 256K)

Who is it for? 

Module 1 – Passenger safety is for people who will be a passenger in a helicopter on any DOC-lead operation. This includes volunteers and contractors 

Modules 2-4 – Ground crew are designed for people who will be working with and around helicopters on any DOC-lead operation, including flight preparation, cargo loading and unloading, and working with external loads. This includes volunteers and contractors with the required training and experience to undertake these roles.

About the modules

Module 1 – Passenger safety 

This module covers the do’s and dont's for passengers in a helicopter, including:

  • being situationally aware around helicopters
  • helicopter safety hazards
  • how to board and disembark from a helicopter
  • communicating with the pilot. 

Module 2 – Ground crew: Flight preparation 

This module covers preparing for a helicopter flight, including:

  • roles, tasks and personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • pre-work safety conversations and pilot briefings
  • preparing the landing zone, hazards and the boarding pass app. 

Module 3 – Ground crew: Cargo 

This module covers how to safely load cargo for flight, including:

  • types of cargo and transport requirements
  • loading and unloading cargo​
  • safely using doors, lockers and pods​
  • stowing cargo during flight. 

Module 4 – Ground crew: External loads 

Note: this module is not yet available

This module covers how to safely prepare an external load for flight, including:

  • the different tasks and equipment involved
  • ​how to hook and unhook loads from the helicopter. 

Note: These modules are based on DOC staff training and may include references to DOC documents, processes and terminology. 

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