Tūī singing on kowhai flowers.
Image: Rachael McMillan | Creative Commons


Use this online tool to assess your ability to identify birds.

About this tool

DOC's National Biodiversity and Monitoring Programme collects biodiversity data of plant, mammal and bird species from 1,400 plots mainly located on public conservation land across New Zealand. The data collection uses a range of methods including 5-minute bird counts.

We use this data to inform our large scale programmes within DOC, and contribute to national and international reports on  New Zealand's biodiversity. It is therefore crucial that the collected data are accurate and of the highest standard.

'Birder' roles are highly specialised and require job applicants to have pre-requisite knowledge and skills to fill them. This tool will test your suitability for the role by asking you to identify birds of known identity by call/song and visually.

It takes around 40 minutes to complete the assessment.

Who it's for

The tool is designed for people applying for field roles in DOC’s National Biodiversity and Monitoring Programme that require bird ID skills.

Start the course

Need help? Contact capabilitydevelopment@doc.govt.nz.

  1. Get the bird list for the assessment (PDF, 1,279K)
  2. Start the Bird ID assessment



Images used in this assessment were sourced from either the DOC Media Library or New Zealand Birds Online. Thanks to the following photographers for sharing their photos with these sites for DOC use.

From the DOC Media Library
  • Andrew Walmsley
  • Bernard Spragg
  • Brian Scantlebury
  • Claudia Babirat
  • Craig Bullock
  • Danilo Hegg
  • David Cook
  • Dick Veitch
  • Dylan Higginson
  • Janice McKenna
  • Jonathan Astin
  • Leon Berard
  • Michael Hamilton
  • Michael Hargraves
  • Nga Manu Nature Reserve
  • Peter Blok
  • Peter Reese
  • Rob Scotcher
  • Sabine Bernert
  • Shellie Evans
  • Tom Marshall
From New Zealand Birds Online
  • Alan Tennyson
  • Arindam Bhattacharya
  • Bill Cash
  • Craig McKenzie
  • Duncan Watson
  • George Hobson
  • Kathy Reid
  • Les Feasey
  • Louise Myburgh
  • Mark Fraser
  • Neil Fitzgerald
  • Nicholas Sherlock
  • Ormond Torr
  • Oscar Thomas
  • Paul Le Roy
  • Peter Reese
  • Phil Battley
  • Rob Lynch
  • Steve Atwood
  • Tony Whitehead


Audio recordings used in this assessment were taken from DOC internal sources, NZ Birds Online, Xeno Canto and the DOC Media Library. Thanks to all who have provided audio to those sources to further the development of birding in New Zealand.

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