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Unit title

  • Taupo for Tomorrow

Learning areas

  • Science
  • Social sciences
  • Individualised programmes developed on request

Learning outcomes

  • Raise awareness of the importance and methods required to protect fresh water habitats
  • Develop a better understanding of how natural resources are sustained and shared among different users
  • Examine DOC’s work in relation to the Taupo fishery and the issues of human impact
  • Promote angling as a recreational activity

Links to curriculum 

Social Sciences

  • L3  People view and use places differently
  • L3  Groups make and implement rules and laws
  • L5  People's management of resources impacts on environmental and social sustainability
  • L7 and 8 Natural landscapes and processes


  • L1 - 6 Living World: Ecology
  • L3- 4 Planet Earth and Beyond: interacting systems
  • Health and PE: Personal growth and development: Safety management


  • Levels 1 - 8

Geographical location for field trip

  • Tongariro National Trout Centre: Turangi /Tongariro River/Tongariro
    Power Scheme

Unit or achievement standard

  • AS 90336 Geo
  • AS 90769 Bio


  • Animals
  • Rivers and lakes

Also includes information on:

  • Water quality
  • Food chains/webs
  • Lifecycles
  • Storm water
  • Invertebrate life
  • Adaptation
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Data collection
  • Wonderful Wai: part 1 Year 3/4 students
  • Wonderful Wai: part 2 Year 5/6 students
  • Hands on Learning:  Year 1-13 students
  • Fly fishing:  Year 2-10 students
  • Hydro Power: A solution to NZ’s Energy crisis?
  • The Didymo Threat

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