Fun activities to introduce children to the concept of biodiversity (variety in nature).

Activity 1: Worm's World

Lie down and cover yourselves with leaves and sticks, leaving faces exposed. Try to stay still and quiet while imagining yourself as a bug.

  • What would you be doing today?
  • Can you feel what the bugs in the ground are doing today?

Activity 2: Bird's eye in the sky

Lie on your backs outside and look up at the sky.

  • Can you imagine flying through the sky? What would it feel like?
  • What would the ground look like?
  • Which senses would you use to find your way around?

Activity 3: Web of Life

An experiential game highlighting the essential interdependence of living things.

Activity instructions

  1. Form a circle around a tree and ask who would like to be a tree. Give this person the end of a ball of string to hold then ask what animal might live in the tree?
  2. Unwind the string to the animal (eg bird), then ask what could the bird need to survive? Continue this way until you have everyone playing the part of leaves, caterpillars, soil, worms, water etc.
  3. Show how you are all connected by explaining that if one element was removed the whole web would collapse – tug on one string and everyone who feels a pull then pulls until the web collapses.

Activities 1 and 2 developed by Davina Hunt, DOC. Activity 3 adapted from The Enviroschools Kit.

Learning levels

  • Early childhood


  • Forests and green spaces

Curriculum learning areas

  • Science
  • Social science
  • The arts


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