This CD features 13 original songs in honour of our unique native birds.


Birdbrain CD cover. DOC USE ONLY. Copyright: Fatcat & Fishface.

Published: 2009

The CD features 13 original songs in honour of our feathered friends. Meet the smartest bird in the world (kea), the nest invading shining cuckoo, the lonely albatross at sea, dancing penguins on the ice, and the nightclub of kākāpō, morepork and kiwi. The dawn chorus will never sound the same again.

Learning levels: Suitable for early childhood and primary students.
Topics: Native animals
Curriculum learning area: The arts

About Fatcat & Fishface

Fatcat & Fishface’s cheeky style and offbeat humour have been compared to Spike Milligan, Roald Dahl and Flight of the Conchords.

They have won awards in the USA (Children’s Music Web Awards) and New Zealand (NZ Music Awards). 

Their animated music clips debuted at the NZ International Film Festival (Animation for Kids) and are played on TV3 and TVNZ afternoon children’s programming.  

Buy the CD

You can buy the CD and music files through the Fatcat and Fishface website.

Published by: Fatcat and Fishface


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