Help stop the spread of weeds in New Zealand.

Explore your garden and neighbourhood

Many of these ‘good plants gone bad’ are still being grown in gardens – it’s no accident that the weediest natural areas are those closest to where people live.

The number of weeds found in a reserve is linked to the number of gardens nearby. If you live near a community of native plants, the decisions you and your neighbors make will affect the survival of that plant community.

Take a good look at what’s growing in your garden and in local areas around you - and don’t be fooled by good looks. Even pretty plants can be problem weeds.

Use iNaturalist NZ – Mātaki Taiao to help you work out the plants in your garden or local park, and spot three different weeds.


Once you know what weeds you’ve found visit Weedbusters to find out the best way to get rid of them for good!

Remove the weeds, or let other people know about the weeds you’ve spotted and what they can do about them.

Weedy plants are one of the greatest threats to New Zealand’s parks, reserves, coasts, bush remnants, wetlands and alpine areas. Most of these are plants that have ‘jumped the garden fence’ and gone wild

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