Seals, dolphins, whales, fish or crabs - keep an eye out for all sorts of sea life around the coast.
Did you know?

The outdoors is a great setting to include everybody. Why not bring a friend along.

Spot sealife.

Explore your nature

  • Count the number of seagulls and ocean birds you can see.
  • Find a little fish or crab in a rockpool.
  • Take a photo of a fur seal – Seals like their space so keep at least 20 m away.
  • Wave at a whale travelling along New Zealand’s coast.

Get creative

  • Create your own whale song to wish them well on their long journey.
  • Capture a photo of sealife or write a poem / story inspired by sealife


  • Share your whale song and photos of sealife with whānau and friends.
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