Take time out to spot a lizard go about its day – watch it sunbathe and notice its colours.
Did you know?

Time in nature helps us appreciate the things that make us feel good.

Observe a lizard.

Explore your nature

Look for lizards under garden objects like tree logs, rocks, old bark or planks of wood.

Lizards often blend into their surroundings and scare easily, so you need to look closely and carefully.

Sunbathe like a lizard – how does the sun feel on your skin (don’t forget to slip slap slop).

Stay as still as a lizard – how long can you keep it up for?

Get creative

Set up a photo shoot and snap a picture or video of a lizard.

Collect materials that heat up in the sun and provide a safe place for lizards to live. Place them in a spot where they can both sunbathe and hide away to keep warm and safe at night.


Share photos of your lizard garden and any new lizard friends with whānau and friends.

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