Find a bug you want to make friends with - where does it live? How does it move? If you want to, let it walk on your hand.
Did you know?

Interacting with animals helps us to feel part of something bigger.

Explore your nature


What patterns and colours can you see on your bug friend?

Can you copy the movement of your bug friend?

How do you think your new bug friend would feel to hold it? Slimy? Tickly? Rough? Smooth?

Follow your bug friend home – where do they live?

Get creative

  • Build a bug hotel
  • Make a bug friendly mini-garden
  • Take a photo of, draw or make a bug you’ve made friends with.


  • Put your bug artwork and stories in a nature journal and share with whānau and friends.
  • Share your bug photo with whānau and friends.
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