The uses for sticks are endless – so find a stick and have some fun!
Did you know?

Playing in nature helps us develop social skills.

Have fun with sticks icon.

Explore your nature

  • Choose your stick! Is it long or short? Straight or bendy?
  • Look around – be an investigator and find out where your stick came from?
  • Imagine your stick could be anything else – what would you turn it into?
  • Play stick Jenga.

Get Creative

  • Decorate your stick with things you find outdoors.
  • Create a dream catcher, spinning mobile or garden decoration out of sticks you find.
  • Make a trail to follow with sticks – where will it lead to?
  • Learn how to weave with sticks.


  • Share your stick creations with whānau and friends.
  • Can they be gifts for others?
  • Take your whānau and friends along your stick trail.
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