Swim like a fish in the sea and have fun on the seashore.
Did you know?

More time spent in nature helps us to grow up healthy and happy.

Go swimming in the sea icon.

Explore your nature

  • Decide on your safe swim zone.
  • Run and splash into the water.
  • Jump over waves.
  • Paddle in the sea at night as you walk along the beach.
  • Try body surfing a wave into shore.

Get creative

  • Make wet footprints on the sand – what pattern can you make?
  • Create your best fish impression – or maybe a whale or dolphin?
  • Take a photo of the water.


  • Share your seaside artwork and photos with whānau and friends.
  • Take all your friends and whānau to the beach for a swim with you.

Water safety is important

To keep yourself safe in and around water make sure to read The Water Safety Code.

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