Explore nature to see what you can find, from feathers and shells to colours and smells.
Did you know? 

Time in nature improves our positive mindset.

Go on a scavenger hut icon.

Explore your nature

  • Play colour bingo – how many colours can you spot?
  • Follow animal tracks – who made them and where have they gone?
  • Hunt for different textures – can you find smooth, rough, prickly and soft?
  • What can you hear and smell?

Get creative

  • Create some wild art with natural objects you find.
  • Found animal tracks? Can you act out the animal that made them?
  • Stick your favourite natural materials in a nature journal.
  • Create a museum of nature and exhibit the special materials you find.


Share your findings with whānau and friends. You could take them on a museum of nature tour. Tell them how it made you feel to collect these special objects.

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