Take some time to appreciate a special tree in your garden.
Did you know?

Outdoor play fosters attentiveness

Get to know a tree icon.

Explore your nature

  • Touch the bark – how does it feel? Rough, smooth, damp or dry?
  • Throw wet leaves in the air – what do they smell like?
  • Look for homes in and around the tree – who might live there?
  • Can you find the seeds to match the tree?

Get creative

  • Make a rubbing of the bard or leaves.
  • Give a tree a big hug – can you get your arms all the way around?
  • Create some wild art with fallen leaves, bark and twigs.


  • Put your artwork and notes in a nature journal to share with whānau and friends.
  • Share a photo of your favourite tree with whānau and friends.


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