Whether sailing, kayaking or out on a row boat, dingy or surfboard, there’s lots of ways to be on the water and have some fun.
Did you know?

Relaxing in nature helps make you feel happy.

Float on a boat icon.

Explore your nature

  • Take a trip on the water in your floating vessel of choice.
  • Swim out to a pontoon and enjoy floating on the water.
  • Try floating different objects on the water.

Get creative

  • Build your own raft with natural objects you can find.
  • Keep a journal with photos and notes of your floating/boating adventures.


  • Share your floating objects with whānau and friends – tell them the story of which one floated best!
  • Share your raft and photos of boating with friends and whānau.

Water safety is important

To keep yourself safe in and around water make sure to read The Water Safety Code.

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