Head out to explore your local stream and discover freshwater life.
Did you know?

Outside adventures grow our love of nature.

Explore a stream icon.

Explore your nature

  • Squelch in the mud at the streams edge or make big splashes in the water.
  • Pick up some rocks and look closely for aquatic insects that live underneath.
  • Watch things like sticks float down-stream – how fast do they go?
  • Make stepping-stones across the stream with rocks you can find.
  • Catch some river life with a net and bucket of water – make sure to put them back where you found them.

Get creative

  • Create a dam using loose materials you can find.
  • Construct a small bridge across the stream.
  • Draw your stream – what lives in the water, along the edge of the water, above the water?


  • Encourage your whānau and friends with dry feet to cross your bridge and stepping-stones.
  • Take a picture of the wildlife you found and share with whānau and friends.

Water safety is important

To keep yourself safe in and around water make sure to read The Water Safety Code.

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