Answers to common questions about volunteering, teacher and student resources and support, and sponsorship and funding.

Below is a list of commonly asked questions about getting involved. The answers are a bit further down.

Note that although this FAQ is designed to be helpful it is not a complete discussion nor a substitute for legal advice. It may not cover important issues that affect you and, depending on your situation, you may wish to contact us for further information or advice.


Volunteer programme

Also see our FAQ about jobs at DOC.

Students and teachers


How do I find out if if I need a permit from DOC and how to get one?

Read our Apply for permits pages.

Volunteer programme

How can I find out about volunteering for DOC?

Read our volunteer programme web pages which includes information about our volunteer activities

Can overseas visitors get involved in volunteering?

Yes, we enjoy the help of many international volunteers every year. If you see an activity you would like to volunteer for, contact the relevant DOC office to see if there is a space for you. 

Does DOC cover my expenses if I'm a volunteer?

Each project is different but volunteers usually need to cover their own expenses. Accommodation may be provided for longer projects at remote sites. 

Teachers and students

Can you help me with information for my school project?

Look on this website for information. Your school library, local library, or regional council may also be able to help. We are not able to respond to student requests for information for specific school projects.

Do you have resources for teachers?

Our education resources are available on our conservation education pages.

How do I get DOC documents and publications?

Check the publications section for DOC publications. We also have publications listed throughout the site so also try the search engine.

If the publication you want is not on our site then check your public library. If they don't have it they can request it from the National Library as all DOC publications are legally required to be deposited with the National Library.

For suggested websites and other sources of information, see our references for biodiversity research.

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