Submitted 8 August 2011: The NZCA supports the draft Abel Tasman Foreshore Scenic Reserve Management Plan, but would like to see changes made to make it more consistent with the management plan for the adjoining Abel Tasman National Park.

Submission date: 8 August 2011
Submitted to: Tasman District Council

The New Zealand Conservation Authority is very pleased that the draft Abel Tasman Foreshore Scenic Reserve Management Plan has come to fruition, and welcomes the opportunity to make a submission.

The Authority supports the Primary Objectives and the outcomes for the two Places and the long-term objectives for each Place. 

The Authority’s primary interest is ensuring that management of the foreshore does not detract from or adversely impact on the adjoining national park and that where there is an interface between the provisions of the foreshore plan and those of the Abel Tasman National Park Management Plan these are clear and consistent.

In this regard, the Authority is concerned that the North Coast relatively remote recreational experience is not adequately covered; it finds the provisions relating to cruise ships and charter boats to be confusing; and there are some provisions that may meet the Authority’s expectations but their articulation is such that the Authority is unsure that this is the case. 

The detail of the Authority’s submission on the text of the plan is set out in this schedule (PDF, 49K).

The Authority hopes that its comments are found to be useful and constructive to the process of completing the foreshore plan.

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