In the “Pāteke survival guide

The national pāteke captive breeding programme consists of private breeders, zoos and wildlife parks who breed pāteke for release each year. This programme has enabled the re-establishment of secure pāteke populations in parts of their former range. The captive breeding programme is managed by the captive & reintroductions coordinator, who manages twenty generous volunteer pāteke breeders nationwide.

The programme collectively produces between 150 and 200 birds for release per annum; 197 pāteke were bred for release in 2010 alone. Pāteke destined for release are disease screened and sent to Peacock Springs in Christchurch where they undergo pre-release conditioning, are banded and radio-tagged in preparation for release around New Zealand. Release sites are selected through a rigorous assessment process, which ensures pāteke are released into areas with adequate protection and habitat to support self-sustaining populations.

The release of captive-reared birds is essential for the establishment of pāteke in new locations and the Pāteke Recovery Group is extremely grateful for the ongoing voluntary support and in-kind donations for the programme.

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