Two visitors walking the Lake Gunn Nature Walk
Image: NZSAR | Creative Commons


The Land Safety Forum carries out a range of collaborative projects. These are run via sub-groups of interested members.

Data and insights

Data and insights is one of the areas of focus for the forum.

While there is a strong commitment to research and evidence-based action, organisations are often hampered by a lack of readily available data. The data and insights sub-group aims to address this and improve the quality and accessibility of land safety prevention information.

The first project of the data and Insights group is a stocktake of existing research and data sources. See a list of available research.


Signage is another focus for the forum.

Frequently signage is viewed as the go-to solution to visitor safety risks, however there is a lack of agreed best practice in outdoor safety signage in New Zealand. Safety signage is created in many different styles, producing a lack of consistency and potentially limiting its effectiveness.

The Land Safety Forum is commissioning a literature review to identify the factors that increase the effectiveness of safety signage. The findings will be used to:

  • develop best practice guidance for outdoor safety signage in New Zealand
  • advise organisations wishing to address a visitor safety risk about the most effective intervention
  • evaluate the appropriateness of existing signage.

The literature review will be available in the second half of 2023.

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