Our Enforcement Policy and Prosecution Policy guide DOC’s approach to enforcement and decision-making when conservation laws are broken.

Enforcement Policy

The policy: 

  • outlines DOC’s enforcement function
  • informs the public about how those who don’t comply with conservation laws may be affected by enforcement action
  • guides those in DOC responsible for making decisions about enforcement action under conservation laws
  • does not apply to prosecution decisions.

Enforcement Policy (PDF, 1,927K)

Prosecution Policy

The policy sets out principles, guidelines and process DOC will follow when deciding whether or not to initiate criminal proceedings (including in relation to infringement offences), and when considering appeals against Court decisions arising from DOC’s prosecutions.

Prosecution Policy (PDF, 544K)

National Compliance Strategy

This strategy sets out DOC’s national compliance priorities for 2017-2020. 

National Compliance Strategy (PDF, 1,510K)

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