Carkeek Hut, painted by Dulux
Image: DOC


Dulux and DOC have been in official partnership since 2013. The support from Dulux enables DOC huts, buildings and historical assets to be restored, protected and maintained at scale, for future generations.

The long standing joint mahi between DOC and Dulux continues to build on the work of the first term of the partnership where hundreds of DOC and community huts and buildings were protected and enhanced with the support of Dulux nationwide.

The scale of partnership does more than contribute product to approximately 500 DOC painting jobs across Aotearoa, every year.  In addition to donating paint and woodcare, Dulux also supply project funds and technical and design expertise.  Together we continue to make sure restoring DOC recreational and historic assets is easy to see and easy to do, while promoting them to visitors to experience and enjoy.

Protecting DOC huts

DOC's huts have long provided essential shelter for Kiwi outdoor enthusiasts and international guests of all ages. Situated in a variety of landscapes from alpine to coastal settings, these huts are often exposed to New Zealand’s harshest and most extreme weather conditions. More than just the huts themselves, the business partnership between DOC and Dulux protects all those who seek shelter within.

Restoring Recreational and Historic Assets

Today’s partnership continues to evolve, with more projects that take a hands on approach including staff from both organizations and empowering volunteer groups to protect and restore our recreational and historic assets. Many of these taonga require specialist products, knowledge and technical expertise to restore them, which Dulux is well placed to provide

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