Yellow eyed penguins
Image: Brent Beaven | DOC


Marine reserve monitoring projects that are supported by DOC’s partnership with Air New Zealand.

The factsheets below summarise projects that are a part of the National Marine Reserves Monitoring and Reporting framework, supported by DOC’s partnership with Air New Zealand.

Cape Rodney to Okakari Point Marine Reserve and Tawharanui Marine Reserve Lobster monitoring programme

New methods to monitor the health (or ecological integrity) of coastal ecosystems

Research on biodiversity in northern marine reserves and associated coastlines in the first Reef Life Survey undertaken in New Zealand

Research on little penguins

Recording of the depth, length and shape of yellow-eyed penguin dives at Stewart Island/Rakiura 

Recording nests and roost sites of shags living in Abel Tasman National Park

Diverse research carried out in our marine reserves

Research on the techniques used for monitoring New Zealand fur seals

Research on whether existing fisheries survey and environmental data could accurately predict seabed diversity

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